Happy Mother’s Day Todasiy

Happy Mother’s day is upon us. Time to celebrate women, especially your mother. Without her you wouldn’t be here, without here you wouldn’t be who you are today.

It’s said you don’t appreciate your parent’s until you have kids of your own. That’s true for me. I didn’t know how much my mother cared for and loved me from dusk to dawn every day of my young life. Then I had kids of my own.

Mother was there in the middle of the night to comfort me when I had a bad dream. When I was sick she stayed by my bedside stroked my forehead, gave me lots of water, and chicken soup. When I got into mischief she corrected and protected me all the way. She cleaned my clothes prepared my food, and scrubbed the house, all without my notice. But most of all she loved me like no one else in this world will ever come close to.

How about showing your mother you know now how much she did for you. Send an eCard from Kingcards.com. Return love for love, you can never send to much love and it’s never too late. You may even send an eCard from KingCards to all mothers you know.


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