Get Well, Be You Green, Pink, or Just Blue

Get well, be you green, pink or just blue. Do you have family or a friend that is feeling down? Sometimes we get sick, or the blues, or green in the gills. We catch a bug, Achoo!  Or have and accident, break a bone, Ouch! Or have an operation that puts us in the hospital, Yuk!

When I was young my Mother comforted me as best she could and that was a big help. A touch of her hand on my forehead, some chicken soup, and words of encouragement like, “I’m sorry, don’t worry, I love you.” I felt better when she was around. But now were grown and our moms are not here, or perhaps in another town. She cannot sooth our sore.

When something happens out of the blue, and your friend is feeling all alone,  what can be done?

How about a Get Well eCard from KingCards. This pink elephant should cheer them up and they will be in the pink sooner that you think. KingCards makes it easy to email a card to someone close to you. Well it’s not as good as a mother but it will help, guaranteed.


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