The Mother Of All Holidays, Mother’s Day

The mother of all holidays is upon us, Mother’s Day. Without our mother all other holidays would cease, we would cease. Our mother brought us into this world. From God to mother’s womb we wait 9 months to be born. And after our birth, we need more care for a longer spell of time than any other mammal, and that care comes to us from her.

That’s why Mother’s day is the most important holiday to celebrate of all. There is no other relationship that is as close, mother to baby, flesh to the soul. No other human being will ever love us as much as our mother, no matter what we do. We can be good and become a doctor, lawyer or the president. We can be bad and achieve little and break the law. Our Mother’s love will always be there through hell or high water.

So let’s show our appreciation for what our mother does. More that feed and care for us she loves. Send a little acknowledgment with a Mother’s Day eCard from This elephant will show her with a big red balloon, I love you, mom.


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